5 amazing benefits of pea protein

5 amazing benefits of pea protein

This plant based, vegan protein is quickly becoming one of the most popular proteins on the market. And it really is no surprise, given the impressive make up of this veggie protein powder! We take a deeper dive, to understand some of the amazing benefits pea protein has to offer.


  1. Amino acid profile/nutritional content

Amino acids are essentially the building blocks your body requires to make proteins. There are a variety of amino acids out there and as you would expect, individual protein sources have differing amino acid profiles. Pea protein has a comprehensive profile, including all essential amino acids. This means that it is particularly good for the repair and recovery of muscle, which is awesome, knowing that your muscles are in capable hands after those tough workouts! Pea protein also contains up to 5% more protein than its dairy based whey protein rival. That really is impressive stuff!


  1. Hypoallergenic (aka: allergen friendly to you and I)

Ever felt bloated or gassy from taking protein powders? Well, good news! This vegan friendly protein contains no gluten or dairy and is known for its hypoallergenic tendencies. What all this means is that common side effects caused by other protein powders are not experienced when using this plant based protein. So no more bloated stomachs!


  1. Satiety – ghrelin hormone

Protein in general is great for reducing hunger cravings. However, pea protein in particular has the incredible ability to lower levels of hunger through reducing your bodies secretion of the hunger hormone known as ghrelin. Ghrelin is usually stored in the stomach and can play mind games, sending signals to your brain that you’re hungry. Through the naturally high peptide content in pea protein, the secretion levels of ghrelin are significantly reduced. So no more playing mind games, and far less hunger cravings!


  1. Regulating blood sugar

Certain nutrients within foods can raise your blood glucose levels. No surprises here. However, research has shown, the increase of pea protein into a diet has resulted in blood glucose levels remaining lower than previously experienced. This shows that pea protein consumption can help improve glycaemic control, which is a big bonus!


  1. Baking substitute

Sometimes those scrumptious baked good are simply too tough to resist. No problem, pea protein can help solve this issue as well! This protein is one of the best flour-replacing powders in the market. Its natural texture is great in baked treats. Try partially substituting for flour next time you are in the kitchen and enjoy the high protein baked treats of your labour! For upcoming recipes, stay tuned on our social media sites and our blogs!


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to go pea!