8 Ways to Get Fitness Motivated

8 Ways to Get Fitness Motivated


1. Take progress pics

It can take a long time before you start to notice changes happening in your own body and often it can feel like hard work isn’t really making much of a difference. Take ‘before’ photos in good lighting wearing minimal clothing and then repeat at 6 week intervals - I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results!

2. Browse for inspo

Look at other people’s progress photos! Searching through popular fitness hashtags on Instagram and Pinterest often gives me a good kick up the backside as I feel inspired by their hard work. I also find great new workout ideas using this method too. There’s a massive online community of everyone from fitness newbies to total gym junkies and it can be a really supportive environment!

3. Keep records

Whether you’re a gym goer, a swimmer or a long distance runner, keep track of your progress by making notes during or after your workouts. Jot down what weight you lifted, how many lengths you swam or how long 5km took you alongside the date and watch as you beat your own PBs.

4. Find a gym buddy

One of the best ways to get your booty in gear is to find a friend to do it with you! Someone to literally drag you off of the sofa when you’re 6 hours deep into a Netflix binge and then blast motivational tunes at you in the gym. Arranging to workout with someone else means you’re less likely to bail out or make excuses because there’s someone else relying on you to don your trainers.

5. Book a class

If you’re struggling to find the energy to workout on your own then booking a fitness class can really do the trick. They’re structured and led by professionals so you don’t have to even really think about what you’re doing, just go for it and have a laugh! I despise cardio and don’t last longer than 5 minutes if I try and fit it into my own workout plans, but when I get myself through the doors of Body Combat oh my goodness is that the sweatiest and most empowering 60 minutes of my week. You also stand to meet some other lovely fitness enthusiasts which ticks number 4 too!

6. Change your training style up

If a class isn’t your thing, then try changing up your individual training style. HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) is a great way to burn more faster and the push in intensity might just be what you need to fall back in love with fitness. Alternatively, if you’re always working out indoors then try and park run or a cycle ride instead. Don’t get stuck in a mundane routine or your mind (and your body!) will get bored.

7. Invest in some good gym kit

I am guilty as charged on this one. I just love buying new workout gear and athletic wear! Aside from the groan coming from my bank account, I really do find that wearing gym clothes that I feel good in boosts my motivation levels and when a new pair of leggings land on my doorstep I can’t wait to put them to the all important squat-ability test!

8. Start taking protein shakes

Sometimes the reason you’re struggling to feel energised to workout is because your body just isn’t being fuelled in the right way. You don’t have to go all out and calculate your macros if that isn’t your thing, but upping your protein intake with a good shake can really give you that extra boost you need. You can buy Protein Multitasker here.