Boyfriends of Instagram

Boyfriends of Instagram

By Isa Robinson

Ladies Ladies listen up because there’s a new perfect guy on the block.

Yes he’s gorgeous, intelligent, charming and he makes you feel a million dollars, but he also as endless patience, dedication and well, his photography skills are quite simply impeccable. Who is he you may ask? A #boyfriendofinstagram.                                                    

Behind many a successful Instagram account, behind the filter, behind the dreamy workout venues, the poached eggs and the yoga poses, is usually an equally successful couple. Their love knows no limits, his devotion boundless, his commitment put to the test daily.

Boyfriends of Instagram have been deemed the “unsung heroes” of social media. They walk among us anonymous, they demand little, but they give themselves entirely to the cause! Based on both observation and experience, I’ve drawn up 5 profiles of the classic insta boyfriend. Unsurprisingly, your boyf / love interest may fit more than one, but whether your prince charming is more bacon or barbells, make sure he supports you fully in what you do!

The Jester

Oh the Jester. He’s a real funny guy this one. He loves you dearly, but he’s not going to let you get away with those pouts, poses and posts on Instagram story! My boyfriend Rory has a whole lotta jester in him. Mid Instagram story and you will often hear him cackling in the background hysterically. Ask him to take a photo, and suddenly his bottom is wiggling as he calls in a rather camp fashion ‘GROWL FOR BE BABY’ for the whole street to hear. You won’t be surprised to hear I’ve never got a good shot! That said, the jester is great for keeping you grounded and reminding you not to take life, or social media too seriously.

The PT

He’s a lean mean bad machine, a chiseled hunk of pure muscle! Not just the apple of your eye, but he also doubles up as your very own personal trainer. He’s got you smashing personal bests on a Saturday morning, lovingly correcting your form and he even knows how to whip up your favourite protein pancakes or proats for a romantic breakfast in bed. Not forgetting the pièce de résistance, the Instagram photos you guys can whip up are nothing short of adorable – we’re thinking Louise and Ryan here. Ladies swoon now!

The Bacon and Beer Bloke

He loves that you love chia seeds and courgetti but he ain’t buying into to any of it. I introduce you to none other than the bacon and beer bloke. The lad unwilling to compromise on his lifelong love of bacon, beer, meat, meat, more meat and cheeeeeese. He doesn’t mind if you’re having avocado toast, but he’s not giving you all the reign in the kitchen – weekends are for beer and bacon! Enough said!

The Videographer

Not just a pretty face. The videographer has the complete skill set – we give him full PHD status when it comes to dating a health and fitness blogger. His passion for photography and film is genuine and he’s delighted to help yours truly out which her burgeoning career. Youtube is growing, and fast, so the videographer is a real catch! He may be hard to come by, but he’s worth it in the long run. Of course good looks and charm are also a necessity.

The “Leave me the hell out of this” Lad!

He loves you with all his being, but truth be told, he’s not looking for a 3 way thing. He’s happy to date you, woo you, show you how much he cares, but that loving, that passion, well it’s for you, not for you and your phone.

The “leave me the hell of this” lad supports you entirely with you career but it puts his foot down when Instagram stories get in the way of date night or quality time together. He might not be a wiz on the old iMovie but there are serious plus sides here, the line between work and play a little more defined and a chance to escape out of the at times overbearing realm of social media when with your loved one.