7 Daily Detox Secrets from a Nutritional Therapist

7 Daily Detox Secrets from a Nutritional Therapist


Detox, a word that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue tip, especially come spring when a juice cleanse sounds like an easy summertime fix. Cleanses can be beneficial in the sense that a freshly pressed green juice or a wholesome smoothie as part of your daily eats serves as an injection of vitamins and minerals. When you aren’t willing to shell out the big bucks, there are simple tricks you can add to your daily routine to reap the benefits of detoxification. These processes support your bodies natural cleansing processes and help aid the detoxification of your digestive system, liver, kidneys, and skin reducing the risk of developing bigger problems due to high toxin levels later on. Instead of relying on intense, unsustainable detoxes, begin incorporating a few of the following steps every day to feel renewed: 

1. Drink plenty of fluids:

  • Water is vital for our organs wellbeing. It keeps your body flushed of toxins and maintains the efficiency of your digestive system.
  • Add lemon juice, fresh ginger, a pinch of cayenne or apple cider vinegar to promote liver action and digestive system function.
  • Sip on warm or cold herbal teas throughout the day that contain dandelion root, nettle, burdock, red clover, liquorice or green tea. They all have different properties and can help to improve sleep or energy levels, cleanse liver and kidneys or calm the nervous system.
  • Increase your fluid intake by having juices and smoothies which are an easy way to get a concentrated amount of vital nutrients that will nourish all your cells. Include leafy greens, lemon, ginger, berries, chia or hemp seeds, plant based protein and maybe a pinch of spirulina or chlorella!

2. Move daily:

  • When we exercise, blood circulation improves bringing vital nutrients to both our muscles and organs. Exercise aids the lymphatic system which removes toxins from the body. Since your lymphatic system does not have a pump, in the same way your circulatory system does, it relies on your daily active to keep it flowing.
  • Any exercise that makes you break a sweat is key for your daily detox!
  • Try rebounding, great for stimulation the lymphatic system and increasing circulation
  • Walk when you have the option, dance, or try some yoga!
  • Inversions, typically shoulder stands, headstand, and handstands, are particularly good because they reverse the flow of gravity activating the lymphatic system and aid in blood purification. 
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3. Nourish your body with whole foods:

  • Go back to the basics and make you you have copious amounts of fibre rich food in your diet. They bind up toxins in the gut and help promote regularity.
  • Our favourite fibre rich foods are legumes, lentils, berries, roots veggies, apples, pears, avocados, nuts and seeds.
  • Incorporate cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, rocket) into a least one meal a day. They contain phytonutrients that support liver detoxification pathways as well as aiding liver and kidney’s cleansing action.
  • Include natural probiotics in your meals such as sauerkrauts and kimchi to help break down foods, ease digestion, and increase the absorption of nutrients.
  • Try to reduce the consumption of refined sugar and processed foods with additives and preservatives that you can’t even pronounce! Don’t worry enjoy your glass of wine, but try not to make it a part of your daily diet.

 4. Body Brushing:

  • In the morning, before taking a shower, using a dry brush, gently brush yourself head-to-to, using long strides toward your heart.
  • Body brushing activates the lymphatic system, stimulating blood circulation and increasing the elimination of toxins through the skin.
  • Make sure you finish off your shower with a burst of cold water to bring blood circulation to the skin! 

5. Sweet Dreams:

  • The body recovers, rebuilds, and cleanses itself whilst we sleep. It is important to many sure you don’t have too many late nights in order to take advantage of deeper sleep cycles that are only available prior to midnight.
  • To aid relaxation try out some magnesium spray or try taking an Epsom salt bath before bed. If you are feeling unusually stressful you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to calm the nervous system.
  • Magnesium rich salts help you fall asleep and aid body detoxification 

6. Spring Cleaning:

  • Most common household cleaners are made with toxic ingredients- check out your supplies and make sure you are investing in natural products.
  • Buy plants to act as air purifiers and make your home an oasis.
  • Finally, don’t forget about make up and body products. Your skin, the bodies largest organ, absorbs 60-70% of any topical products we use. In essence it is almost the same as eating. Swap your beauty go to’s for non toxic versions – your skin will say thank you!

7. Detox the Mind:

  • Not only does our home and body need cleaning, but our mind is powerful and it is important to clear mental clutter to avoid emotional toxins.
  • Take time to yourself to just breathe instead overwhelming yourself with information. Some people do this through mediation, whilst others prefer deep breathing, reading, sharing a laugh, or preparing a wholesome meal.
  • Cleansing is not about drastic measure, but it is about respecting and caring for your body to make sure it has adequate tools to work at its best!