Ditch The Sugar Cravings Once And For All!

Ditch The Sugar Cravings Once And For All!

After Valentine's Day and the flooding of chocolate associated with the day of love, our bodies can be left with a craving for sweets even though we might not necessarily have had one before.

As sugar triggers the feel-good hormone dopamine, it's easy to understand how we can become addicted and crave it after every meal, if not more. Sometimes all it takes is one bite of that cheesecake to send us into a frenzy, and while the occasional indulgence is more than ok, it's important to be mindful and be sure the occasional treat isn't becoming a daily habit.

Here are our top tips on how to ditch those pesky sugar cravings once and for all!

Increase Your Protein And Fats During Meals

Protein and fats take longer to digest than carbs and keep you feeling full for longer, meaning you are less likely to reach for that sweet treat post-meal. If you're struggling to get adequate protein consider adding a protein shake alongside a healthy diet.

Invest in Infusions

Many times when we crave something sweet, it's out of boredom or the need for that sweet comfort. While infusions might not be the same as a chocolate bar, they can certainly help. Sweet-tasting infusions such as cinnamon, fennel, liquorice, vanilla, ginger and clove can work wonders here, providing the comfort of a hot drink and a subtle sweetness to the palate.

Have A Protein-Based Snack

It's 4pm, you're feeling a bit tired, a bit peckish, and that chocolate bar or biscuit is starting to look very inviting. We've all been there. Instead of heading for a sugary snack, choose a high protein one such as a boiled egg, tuna, or The Multitasker shake with almond milk, stirring into yogurt, or shaken simply with water.

Naturally Sweet Foods

If the craving for something sweet is really strong, consider having naturally sweet foods that won't spike your blood sugar levels too much and send you on a sugar frenzy. Think things like yogurt and berries, sugar-free hot chocolate, almond butter and celery or apple, or a smoothie with greens, avocado, banana and the Chocolate Multitasker.

Bear in mind natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, agave and coconut nectar are still used as sugar in the body, so to be used at your discretion and in moderation. 

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