How Feminism Has Changed The Way We Look At Our Bodies

How Feminism Has Changed The Way We Look At Our Bodies

By Jane Sandwood

The feminist movement has really ramped up a notch in recent years. Ever since Emma Watson took to the UN stage to deliver her powerfully poignant speech on feminism, the momentum has kept on moving forward and the ripples from the political world  have certainly been felt in the fitness world as well. From fitness expos to women’s magazines and even on the big screen, it’s clear to see that women are finally being recognised for their strength over their sex appeal.

The Way The World Views Women Is Changing

Interestingly, as the desire for equality between the sexes continues to peak to an all time high, attitudes towards what constitute the perfect female body have changed too. Ideals have morphed from slim, supple and sexy to strong, fierce and tough. Modern women know how to fuel their body to make it work with them, rather than starving it of much needed nutrients that are required to repair it and make it stronger. 

Women aren't afraid to lift weights anymore either, as they aren't naive enough to believe that adding a few strength sessions a week will equal an instant bodybuilder physique. Modern women are short on time and so cash in on the fact that the more muscle you gain, the more calories you burn during cardio. As a result of this shift in thinking, we've seen more of a focus on nutritional longevity and a sustainable protein-rich, perfectly balanced diet of macro-nutrients that provides exactly the right amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins

Females Are Being Placed At The Forefront of Fitness

A look at the upcoming London fitness event, Women In Fitness Summit 2017,  shows further proof of how the fitness world is changing. The event is the first two day female fitness summit that is aimed at helping women become more successful in the industry, both as a supplier and a participant. The over-arching message from  the event is that where we used to aim for just a healthy lifestyle, we are now assessing our bodies with a more holistic approach, measured with an overall sense of well-being.

While the first day is solely aimed at female fitness entrepreneurs, day two offers advice on positive body image, how to make long term, sustainable changes in nutrition and tips on how to reduce stress and ultimately get better sleep as a result. Popular exercise and weight loss programmes certainly seem to fit this mould as well with the most popular programmes offering nutrition plans, step-by-step guides and an emphasis on body positivity as standard.

Not only that, but brands like MissFits are putting female empowerment at the forefront, with products that are designed to help women be the best version of themselves!

A Superhero With Actual Powers

This shift can be clearly seen in recent cinema as well, particularly in films with a strong, active female lead such as Gal Gadot’s take on Wonder Woman. Gadot has been quoted by countless reporters about how hard she had to train to get into such phenomenal shape for this recent blockbuster.

 Her physique in Wonder Woman is refreshingly strong, her thighs actually look like they could do some damage and her muscular tone could match up to that of any male counterpart. Gone are the days when women were cast just to look pretty, now they are fighting their own battles and fighting them well at that.