4 Ways to Practice Self Love This Valentine's

4 Ways to Practice Self Love This Valentine's

Whilst Valentines and the month of February is the time for loving others, so many women forget to practice self-love. So this year MissFits Nutrition is turning the tables around and asking you how you practice self-love and to give yourself some tender love and care this Valentines!

First up is actress and dancer Blake Curtis sharing her tips to ‘Love Yourself This Valentines with MissFits’:

"Over the next couple of weeks the whole world seems to be obsessed with Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is all well and Good, but how can you really love someone else if you don't love yourself? It's so easy to forget your wellbeing when we rush around at 500mph living our busy lives, I know I'm victim to it too! 

But over the next couple of weeks we are going to change that!
A few things to think about to help us practice self love:

💕First things first.. HYDRATE!! This is something I've only realised in the past year or so but hydration is the key to life. It helps you feel better, (and helps your skin!) but when you feel healthier you feel happier in yourself.

💕 Take healthy snacks on the go, there is nothing worse than feeling hungry when you are out and about then grabbing a pastry then feeling sluggish for the rest of the day eat (tasty!) food that makes you feel good! MissFits Nutrition sachets are so easy to stick in your handbag! Take their shaker too and easily hydrate and snack on the go!! 

💕Get moving! Exercise increases endorphins which make you happy! Even if it's just putting on a Beyoncé song and shaking that bootie 🍑

💕YOU ARE CUTE AF! tell yourself how cute you look in your outfit, or how on fleek your eyebrows are! Positive vibes will bring you a positive happy life! So remember you are Cute AF."

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