Naughty Little Naps: Relax, Restore, Rejoice

Naughty Little Naps: Relax, Restore, Rejoice

By Emma Greenwald

Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, other days the world just feels like it is against you.  Instead of waiting for bedtime and the day to start anew, a nap is the perfect way to press reset and change your mind set. There are two types of naps in this world. Our favourite, the friendly ones, they leave you happy as a clam and ready to kick booty. The other, the soul sucker, makes you groggy, disoriented, and angry at nearly everything. Instead of playing nap roulette every time you opt for some extra z’s, master the art of napping. 

Justifying your nap is the easy part, there is endless scientific evidence that supports your extra sleep session. It has been proven that “taking brief naps at a seasonable time during the day has proven to increase alertness, improve the ability to perform tasks, improve overall mood, increase creativity, and increase memory performance.” More powerful and effective than an afternoon coffee, a nap proves that sleep is the perfect medicine. The key to a rejuvenating snooze is all about timing. Surprisingly, 20 minutes is all you need. Anything more and you run the risk of an unpleasant wake up, as you will most likely doze into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. We advise that you find a dark, quiet corner (or purchase an eye mask), curl up and set multiple alarms. Studies have proven that prime nap hours are between one and three in the afternoon. Fear not, even if you don’t fall asleep in your relaxed state you will still reap some of the napping benefits!   

If you’re still not sold on the midday snooze here are some fun facts to win you over or one up your friend’s during trivia night: 

  • Madrid, Spain held its first annual napping competition in 2010. The competition took place in a mall to endorse the varied benefits of napping. Winners were chosen based on their ability to sleep throughout the whole competition. Bonus points were awarded for most original pyjamas and the loudest snore!
  • According to LifeHack, “In Japan, employees are often encouraged to take naps during the work day, not only to increase performance but also because the need for a nap supposedly shows that an employee is working hard.” 
  • Famous nappers include, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Einstein, DaVinci, and Napoleon. Our favourite celebrity napper is Brahms who ironically composed his famous lullaby after a quick snooze at the piano.
  • Nap friendly companies include Google, PWC, Ben & Jerry’s, and Capital One.  MetroNap’s energypod is slowly infiltrating the world’s offices, hospitals, and universities. The company uses NASA technology to create the optimal napping environment. Our dream of getting paid to sleep has finally materialised!