Nuts About It: The Truth Behind Your Nut Butter Obsession     

Nuts About It: The Truth Behind Your Nut Butter Obsession     

Ever find yourself tiptoeing to the pantry thinking, “just one more spoonful” whilst you dip your dirty spoon back into the jar for the zillionth time? Like all things delicious, nut butters seem to share the same addictive quality. Classically qualified as healthy, a nut butter addition can easily be justified as necessary serving of healthy fats or protein. From sunflower seed to cashew to peanut and everything in between, the nut butter industry has taken off in recent years. Advertised as a satisfying weight loss snack or nutritious breakfast topping we have been taught to view our nut butter as a cupboard superhero.  

The benefits of nut butters are well known and varied. The list of positives includes stabilizing blood sugar levels, promoting satiety, decreasing inflammation, fighting bad cholesterol, and so much more. Today’s Dietician, Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD, said it best, “None of the nuts in them can be labeled bad for your health, and something positive can be said about every single one of them..” Of course nut butter is not mythical or a fad, but there is always such thing as too much of a good thing. We are daring to ask the question no one really wants answered: How much is too much? Are we eating too much nut butter?

Frida Harju, Lifesum’s nutritionist, breaks it down for us, “While most nut butters have plenty of nutrients, they can also be calorific and contain high amounts of sugar, which is why it is a good idea to have measured amounts in order to integrate them into a healthy diet.” That being said, a tablespoon is not a copious amount. Nut butter is a nutritionally and calorie dense food, meaning we do not need to consume loads to get the reap the benefits. Just a little bit a day should get the job done!

Keeping this in mind we recommend a couple practice to keep our nut butter habits in check….

  1. At MissFits we are very particular about ingredients – make sure you are picky when it comes to your nut butter! Pip and Nut is one of our favourites because it is free of all nasties. That way if you do overindulge you’re only eating the good stuff.
  2. Measure, measure, measure! I’m always a fan of guesstimating, but when it comes to nut butters a serving size is always surprising. Make sure you read the label and measure before serving.