Quality Over Quantity: How I Really Changed my Body

Quality Over Quantity: How I Really Changed my Body

By Georgie Spurling 

Are you pushing yourself as hard as you can with your workouts yet seeing no results?  Do you feel deflated when your following an online trainers workout, but your body isn't changing to look like theirs?  The fitness industry has never been bigger than right now.  Social media is FULL of workout tutorials, body inspiration and motivational posts to help you get to the gym.  This is fantastic as more and more people are learning the importance of being active.  However, its also dangerous, in the fact that fitness can easily become obsessive. 

Social media plays a massive role in promoting various different fitness trends, foods and methods that claim to get you leaner, better looking, more muscular, or even losing 10 pounds in 5 days.   We end up working ourselves into the ground to get the body that we have always wanted. To be honest its all a bit ridiculous.

Before becoming a Personal Trainer I would follow the crowd, work myself to the ground, trying and be like all the girls on Instagram.  It wore me out, and to be honest it broke me.  I was exhausted, infuriated (not seeing results) and confused.  The problem was, it was all about aesthetics.  I wanted the perfect body, those rippling abs and the perky peachy bottom.  I was driven by how I looked, not how I felt.

When focusing on just what we see in the mirror, it almost all the time leads to disappointment.  Reason being, we are ALL different.  No matter how hard I tried I would never look like my girl crush, and the sooner I accepted that the better.   I was trapped in this downward spiral of trying out a new industry trend, as hard as I could, then burning out because it wasn't working and I wasn't enjoying it. 

So what pulled me out of this rut?  ONE ANSWER: Doing what I LOVED.  I went and tried out different things, styles and places.  I found ways of moving and working out that I really enjoyed and I started to thrive.  I took out all the things I was doing just to look good and replaced them with activities that I looked forward to, felt amazing after and smiled throughout.  I also realised that it was quality over quantity.  I used to train 5 times a week and no change.  Now I am very happy with 3 times a week, doing something that I enjoy and want to work hard at.  Also varying my workouts so my body is always challenged.  And guess what? My body started to change.  I looked stronger, glowing and brimming with happiness.

So my answer to any client who asks ‘how do I get summer ready?’ or ‘how do people see results so quickly and I don’t?’ is do whatever you enjoy and do it well.  Even if that means your the type of person who hates weightlifting, then explore cardio, if you hate jumping around, try lifting.  Try out classes until you find one that suits you.  Find a workout parter and motivate each other.   Find what works for you and your body and you will start to feel the best you have ever felt.