Self Love and Managing Your Inner Critic

Self Love and Managing Your Inner Critic

For our Love Yourself This Valentine's campaign, LJ from Wild Cat Fit spoke about not only the importance of self love, but also of managing your inner critic and not letting your own self bring you down. Things are not always as they seem, and your inner mean girl might not necessarily have all the facts!

"I have seen so, so many posts lately embracing the idea of self love but its something I really struggle with. I spent many years of both hating and being ashamed of my body and in turn myself and so the concept of being my own biggest fan is foreign to me.

However, I am never one to back down from a challenge, or let my friends down - so MissFits I am IN for the "Love Yourself This Valentines with MissFits" challenge! I actually started yesterday as I had got it into my head that I had put on weight and wasn't in great shape in January, largely due to being unwell and not training as hard or eating as well. So last night I took my body composition readings on the Boditrax machine with the purpose of it being a starting point for a 28 day plan to get "back in shape" during February.

I was shocked to see that I have not only lost weight since the last time I checked my stats, but lost body fat too - this feeling of being out of shape was all in my head but I had let the nagging doubts get the better of me. I had been letting my insecurities take over when it actual fact my amazing body had still been working hard - and achieving incredible things even though I was hating on it. I was still working out, being active and eating well - sure it wasn't perfect - but when is anything?

So this February, instead of putting myself down and doubting myself I'm going to focus on self love instead. It feels weird right now but maybe I can fall in love over time!"

How are you guys going to try and love yourself this Valentines?