Snack Smart - What To Have Pre- & Post-Workout

Snack Smart - What To Have Pre- & Post-Workout

by Lizzy Cole

A good sweat session needs to be fuelled by good nutrition. In an ideal world, these sessions would slot perfectly between meals, but life isn’t always that simple. Instead, many of us turn to snacks to optimise results within and after the gym. Read on for my smart picks…


If you plan on an intensive or endurance workout, you’ll need sufficient carbs to keep you going. If, however, your goal is to burn fat and build muscle, it’s better to dial down the carbs and up the protein.

The Spinning Saviour:

To keep you going for 45-60 minutes of spin or any other intensive workout, reach for a banana 30-60 minutes beforehand.

Resistance Training Rescuer:

Resistance training requires good quality protein combined with some energy-boosting carbs. For this reason, Greek yoghurt and fruit is a great pick.

Boxing Booster:

Snacks and meals in the lead up to a boxing session should be based around complex carbs, with a little fat and protein. Think peanut butter on a slice wholemeal toast.


Post-workout, your body’s store of carbs will be depleted and muscles will need some TLC. Reach for a snack that combines good-quality protein and slow-release carbs, ideally within 30 minutes of leaving the gym. Keep these super convenient options in your gym bag:

Protein shake:

MissFits do a fantastic range to suit all dietary requirements. If you can, make your shake with cow’s milk as this is best for muscle repair. However, pea protein and nut mylks are a great substitute for vegans and those with allergies and intolerances.

Protein bar / balls:

High-quality shop-bought protein bars are a great option; just make sure they contain 15-20g of protein and a decent amount of carbs. Stock up the MissFits Protein Wonderballs (available in Almond Butter or Cacao) or even use the Protein Multitasker to make your own bars?