Train And Gain - The Benefits Of Lifting For Women

Train And Gain - The Benefits Of Lifting For Women

Ladies listen up, we know that many of you have concerns when it comes to weight lifting and we want to assure you that if you incorporate weight lifting into your fitness routine you’ll begin to gain confidence in the gym and have a great body to show for it. Does this line sound familiar … I’m going to turn into the hulk if I start lifting weights, well we can assure you it won’t and here are 4 reasons why.



Weight training actually burns more fat than a long cardio session. Heavy squatting is far more effective than running on the treadmill or cross trainer for an hour and why is that – well long distance cardio burns both muscle and fat whereas weight training purely burns fat not muscle. The more muscle a woman has, the more calories she will burn during resting time. So basically, having stronger muscles in turn speeds up your metabolism and with your body continuing to burn during rest time, you will see more effective fat loss.



Women find it incredibly difficult to bulk. The reason for this is that unlike men, women don’t have the hormones and testosterone levels necessary for a bulky physique. Even bodybuilders find it difficult to bulk and they will be frequently lifting seriously heavy weights. So rather than worrying that you’ll turn into Arnie if you squat with a rack, think what a beautiful peachy backside you’ll develop instead.



There’s nothing better than feeling confident in the gym. Once you know how each exercise should be performed it feels great to be able to walk into the weights section of the gym (which you were once afraid of) and boss your workout. Having a great workout is a great way to let out any day to day stresses and it also leaves you feeling energised for the rest of the day.



As we mentioned before, you can have a much greater workout when you incorporate weights than if you just do a long stagnant cardio workout on the treadmill. That’s not to say cardio isn’t important, things like sprints and HIIT training is a great way to burn fat. However cardio alone isn’t going to build a shapely, toned body that most females want. In the last few years the idea of ‘Strong Not Skinny’ and ‘Fitspo’ is plaguing social media. It essentially means you should love your curves and booty and work towards building a toned physique through doing the right kinds of training whilst nourishing your body at the same time with the right types of food. It’s way more appealing than not eating at all to lose weight and having low energy levels in the gym.


So here are just a few of the many reasons females should stop fearing the weights room and give lifting a go. MissFits aims to break down many of the perceptions women have towards training and we hope this has gone some way to reassure you that weights don’t equal bulking, they equal a beautifully toned physique and a more confident woman.