Wake Up Refreshed: A Nutritionist's Secret to Reducing Fatigue

Wake Up Refreshed: A Nutritionist's Secret to Reducing Fatigue

By Jenna Hope

Fatigue is something which many of us are experiencing all too often. With our busy lives and our attempts to cram as much in as possible it’s no surprise we’re feeling a little worn down, burnt out and whacked.

Whilst I’m not suggesting you switch your hectic lifestyles to that equivalent of the retired generation I’m simply explaining there are certain tips we can use to prevent you feeling burnt out and sluggish.

Now this may seem like an incredibly simple tip, however, it is amazing how many people I speak to who just aren’t drinking enough. We lose water through sweating, breathing, excretion and digestion, if we don’t replace the water lost we’re at risk of dehydration. Ultimately this can lead to lethargy, fatigue, delayed brain processing and an impaired ability for the body to carry out it’s daily physiological functions. I recommend drinking around 2L of water a day (especially in the summer). If you’re working out you may wish to increase this to 3L a day. Be aware that drinking coffee and tea can contribute to your dehydration so ensure to drink water or herbal teas.

Reduce your sugar intake
Again, this really isn’t news to our ears. However, a high sugar intake can cause spikes in our blood glucose levels and consequent spikes in insulin. As a result we feel more tired more quickly due to the ‘sugar crash’. Even added sugars such as maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar can stimulate these spikes so don’t think that these aren’t contributing to your problem.

Protein Rich Snacks
Following on from my last point I recommend swapping sugary snacks for those rich in protein to help stabilize those blood sugar levels and maintain your energy throughout the day. Protein also has a higher satiety value which means it will keep you fuller for longer. Good protein rich snacks include: a boiled egg, an apple with some nut butter, a handful of nuts, a MissFits Nutrition protein shake after a workout, hummus and crudites or even some edamame beans.

Many of us are cutting our hours of sleep to fit in a workout or a couple of extra hours of work. However, this is contributing to our burnouts as sleep is essential in order to repair and recover from the stress we’re putting our bodies through in the day. Research has suggested that insufficient sleep can reduce our brain functioning and our ability to process information. Sleep is essential as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Sometimes it’s perfectly ok to swap your workout for an extra snooze!

Don’t over do it
It’s never a good idea to over do anything. However, here I am specifically referring to food and exercise. Overeating can cause added stress on the digestive system which can leave you feeling fatigued and exhausted. Additionally, over-exercising which is appearing to be on the rise in the wellness industry. This can cause a strain on the adrenal glands which can stimulate cortisol release. Cortisol is the stress hormone and will equally contribute to fatigue.

Here I’ve outlined my top tips for reducing fatigue. Don’t be too hard on yourself and make sure you incorporate these tips to ensure your lifestyle is healthy