What A Model Eats In A Day

What A Model Eats In A Day


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something which takes practice and motivation. We all love indulging into big chocolate cakes or enjoying a packet of crisps, but the key to staying fit and looking good is consistency.

This has taken me a while to get my head around. I tend to eat well during the week and then splurge out on the weekend - a common problem which I have noticed amongst my friends. I make sure to have small healthy treats every few days so my body never feels deprived.

Working as a model, I'm constantly under the microscope, so I am always watching what I eat as I notice the smallest things can make a difference. For example, I am addicted to nuts and would never consider the quantity just the fact they were a healthy snack. However it is easy to go overboard by eating a whole bag, when a portion size is around 6 nuts!

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So what do I eat in a day?

 I try to start off my day with a hot lemon and water or  a coffee, together with my breakfast of 2 scrambled  eggs, sunflower seed bread and half an avocado.

 Or oats with chia seeds with almond milk.

 I have tried to cut dairy completely out of my diet and  use alternatives such as coconut or almond milk.

 For a mid morning snack I would go for vegetables  such as carrots and  cucumber, a grapefruit or a  coconut yogurt (but check the sugar content!).  Surprisingly these foods can keep you full for a good few hours before lunch. I get hungry every 2 hours so having small meals throughout the day keeps me full and is good for my metabolism.

Lunchtime I will always eat vegetables and a protein with it being either fish or chicken as well as having a carbohydrate such as sweet potato or quinoa. Its important to have a big lunch as you want to keep full for the rest of the day, especially if you are intending on going to the gym. I try to keep all my carbohydrates before 2pm so that my body can break it down before I go to sleep.

If I'm on the go, I will always carry a MissFits sachet in my bag as it is a perfect quick snack which is really filling. Carrying MissFits works for me really well as when I'm working there are always temptations of unhealthy foods. I have noticed that if I am full, I am less likely to snack, so drinking a protein shake is not only benefiting my body but also keeping my stomach satisfied!

I also try and drink water constantly throughout the day as well as herbal teas and coffee. I Know you're not suppose to drink so much coffee but it am kind of addicted!


Dinner I try to keep simple, but its important to make it yummy - otherwise you get extremely bored and you will never feel satisfied at the end of a meal. I will have again either meat or fish with a big bowl of salad or vegetables. Not being a good cook, I have found it really useful following healthy food blogs to give me inspiration.

A nutritionist once told me - eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a peasant. This is to ensure your body has enough time to digest your food before you sleep. If you want to see changes in your body, i would try not to eat after dinner. This is the hardest bit that I struggle with but i always see a difference once I have done this for a week. Don't be so ridged with what you eat and try and see it as a way of life rather than a diet. This way you can learn to enjoy healthy food and have little treats when you fancy!