Will Protein Make Me Bulk? Fear not…

Will Protein Make Me Bulk? Fear not…

More often than not, when females hear the words protein and exercise in a sentence together the image of a body builder is conjured up in their minds.

However, protein is important for anyone who works out. Whilst yes, it’s true, body builders use protein shakes to help them bulk, this goes hand in hand with their heavy weight training and high calorie protein shake, often packed with lots of sugar and carbohydrates. Men are also able to gain muscle due to the high levels of male testosterone, so even if a woman wanted to try and bulk it would be incredibly difficult and take a long time to do so.

The truth is – for women – if they are taking the right types of post workout proteins with fewer calories, low sugar and fats but high protein levels, they will actually see amazing benefits alongside their training. 

Studies have shown that foods that are high in protein make you feel fuller for longer – so eating a protein rich meal or drinking a high protein shake will take away your urge to snack between meals.

Protein also helps your muscles recover at a much higher rate. During your workout your muscles begin to breakdown and the role of protein is to build, recover and replenish those muscles in time for your next gym session. Have you ever woken up a day after working out and you can’t move from your bed as your body is in so much pain? If you have a shake after your workout your body will recover at a much faster rate.

The MissFits Multitasker is designed with the active woman in mind. Our perfectly portioned pea protein sachets are dairy and gluten free. With extra vitamins and minerals to leave you feeling and looking their best with no bloating. And, with no excess calories or added sugar, bulking is not on the agenda!