You’ll Never Shine if you Don’t GLOW: How to Bronze without the Burn

You’ll Never Shine if you Don’t GLOW: How to Bronze without the Burn

“The goal is to never get colour - EVER.” I stared back at my dermatologist in complete disbelief as I silently recounted all the hours I spent labouring in order to hear those four magic words, “You look SO tan.” She picked up on my confusion and began to list all the consequences I would experience if I continued my quest to becoming a golden goddess. “Brown spots, premature aging, leathery skin, melanoma....”  A flood of guilt washed over me and I was grateful I neglected to tell her I occasionally dabbled with tanning beds.  She reminded me as the summer months roll in it is important to be diligent and protect my largest organ, even when it seems easier to roll my eyes every time someone suggests I reapply my suncream.

So, what’s a girl to do? As research continually confirms the damaging effects of sun, can we find a way to be smart whilst still achieving our desired glow? A tan is more than just a bit of colour - it gives us a confidence boost, makes us look slimmer, clears acne, and is culturally associated with good health. However, the sun’s damaging effects greatly outweighs these temporary benefits. According to investigations by Conde Nast’s beauty editor, Olivia Falcon, “a tan is a sign your skin is in serious crises...When skin is exposed to the sun, it fights back by producing a pigment called melanin, which turns it brown. A tan is a sure sign that you have damaged your skin's DNA” (Read more from Olivia). Natural sunlight is good for you, but the desired dose is much smaller than the average poolside tanning session. So, if you can’t resist the glow make sure you take the proper precautions and approach the sun wisely.

We recommend a couple strategies:

1). Like the perfect campfire s’mores, you can’t expect good things if you simply stick the marshmallow in the fire and let it burn. You must tread slowly: finding the covered perfect spot and rotation in order to make the perfect, lightly, toasted marshmallow.  Tanning can be tackled in a similar approach. After a long, dreary, winter, lather up with high SPF and slowly reacquaint yourself with the sun, gradually allowing more exposure. This tactic ensures you get light colouring whilst also preventing sunburn.

2). Alternatively, stay covered and try our favourite sunless products. We like Bali Body’s bronzing lotion, Lush’s tints, and Green People’s gradual tan moisturizer ---- they are all free of nasties, just like our protein!

3) Fear not, if you do get burned and don’t have any aloe vera on hand there are several, natural remedies to help soothe your burn. No need to run to the store as you will already have the ingredients for a perfect healing bath in your cupboard.


  • 2-4 cups of finely ground oats
  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1 cup of evaporated milk


  • Draw a cool bath
  • Add Ingredients
  • Soak & Enjoy!

4) Make sure you have the proper tools for your skin to thrive. Protein is so important for the skin structure, and The Multitasker also has zinc and bamboo extract, which rejuvenates skin, hair and nails to keep you glowing both inside and out.