Chocolate & Cherry Parfait

Chocolate & Cherry Parfait

By Nourishing Amelia

 This delicious cherry & cacao protein parfait makes a delicious dessert or indulgent breakfast. Cherry and chocolate is a dream combination and the addition of the MissFits Cacao Protein Wonderballs adds something extra special to this parfait - the wonderful chewy texture, natural sweet, rich taste and added protein to make this recipe really filling. 



  1. De-stone the cherries and cut in half.

  2. Cut the cacao protein wonderballs into quarters (apart from 2)

  3. In a glass or bowl layer the ingredients to make the parfait. Start with the yogurt, then some melted chocolate, followed by cherries, more yogurt, the wonderballs, more yogurt then top with a drizzle of melted chocolate, a sprinkling of cacao nibs and 2 whole protein wonderballs.