Self Love Protein Hot Chocolate

Self Love Protein Hot Chocolate

By Sarah Malcolm

We have loved seeing your posts on how you 'Love Yourself This Valentine's Day with MissFits', and today we're sharing this incredible recipe because nothing screams self-love like taking some time for yourself with a cosy mug of protein hot chocolate.

"LOVE YOSELF 😊 Taking 20 minutes for myself and diving into this delicious protein hot chocolate 💕🍫 I have been super busy lately which is lovely but I often forget to give myself a little breather and moment of "me" time so I am teaming up with @missfitsnutrition and learning to Love Myself this Valentines 💘 Snuggle up with a cup of hot choc, put your phone down for a while and appreciate what a bloody rockstar you are! ✨


1. Heat up the milk.
2. Add your Chocolate Multitasker, cacao powder & peanut butter.
3. Blitz up in a blender and enjoy with cacao nibs and a dollop of SELF LOVE! (Sarah also added a little pitaya powder for extra love) 💖 "