How To Get Started With Yoga Inversions

How To Get Started With Yoga Inversions

by Katarina Rayburn

Do the words, inversion, headstand or handstand fill you with fear?

Going upside can be the scariest part of a yoga practice for some, so often yogis just miss that part out.  The fear of falling alone, let alone falling onto the person on the mat next to you is too much! So you never actually get to practice or overcome that fear.

But...there are so many benefits from getting inverted and once you manage to get your head around being upside down or balancing on your head or hands it's the greatest feeling!

Here are a few of my top benefits…

  • They increase your upper body strength.
  • They increase your balance.
  • They build core strength.
  • They help bone health, circulation & breathing.

And most importantly…

  • They boost your mood!  

So where to start?

  • During a class environment I would suggest starting at the foundations and work your way up. 
  • Practice the base of the inversion, so the hand/arm and upper body positioning so you can start to strengthen those parts of the body and get used to how it feels.
  • Then move onto the base plus one leg lifted or tucked into the chest.  
  • Then from there depending on the inversion start to make little movements towards bringing the 2nd leg up once you are happy the foundations are strong and feel right.

If you’re at home and have the luxury of wall space then by all means use a wall for support as you will still build upper body and core strength, and at the same time get used to the feeling of the inversion.

My main bit of advice would be don't be afraid to fall!

A quote I love by a young writer called Erin Hansen which sums this up pretty perfectly is…

“What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?