Spooky Halloween Full Body Workout

Spooky Halloween Full Body Workout

with Katie Gray

Beginners 30s on each move - Intermediate 45s - Advanced 60s

Take 60s rest after round 1 and repeat 1 more time

👻 Spooky squat with a pulse
🍁 Wicked walkouts with push-up and explosive star jump
👾 Monster mash plank
☠ Skeleton shoulder, knees and toes plank
🦇 Witch jumps
🎃 Pumpkin push up to down-dog
🤢 Zombie Crunch
🕷Thread the needle right side
😱 Scary side crunch right side
🕷 Thread the needle left side
😱Scary side crunch left side
⛓ Chainsaw plank
🐜 Dead Bug

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