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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your protein so awesome?

We work with leading nutritionists to develop all natural products with no added sugar. Our products taste great and are truly top quality. Every ingredient is included for a reason and we make sure we cut out anything unnecessary. Protein is so important for the body and we want to make sure our protein is the best in the market so you'll keep coming back.

When should I consume your protein?

We are big believers in a healthy and balanced diet. We know how important protein is to achieve this. Our protein can be enjoyed at any time throughout the day. We always recommend getting protein into your body after exercise, but it is equally important at breakfast, as well as when snacking. This is where our products can be so effective instead of sugary alternatives. 

What can I expect to happen when I consume protein regularly?

Protein is part of a wider healthy and balanced diet, and getting enough protein into your body is important not just for muscles, but also for bones, skin, hair and nails too. In fact protein is found in almost every cell of your body. So by consuming protein regularly, you can expect to feel stronger and healthier.

What are your ambitions for MISSFITS?

We want to be the biggest wellness brand for women in the world. We believe there are so many products we can make that are better than what is in the market, and we have huge ambitions to take our brand global. We are so grateful to our customers and hope you continue with us on our journey!


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