Our Story

"I was always afraid of protein products, I either thought they would make me bulky or they were to be used as a meal replacement. If I'm honest, the whole topic was confusing and I just steered clear of protein supplements in any form. 

But as soon as I started to really understand the benefits of protein I realised brands should be empowering and educating women on why these products are so important for our bodies and everyday existence. So I tried to hunt down a brand that had all natural, honest, high quality protein products designed for women, but I couldn't find one for love nor money.

All I found online and in store were either slimming products or Arnold Schwarzenegger, masculine, pretty overwhelming shakes and bars. How were there no brands telling women why and how to nourish their bodies with great quality products? Plus these products aren't just for around workout time, they are to assist our lifestyles all day, everyday!

And with that, MissFits was born, it's simple really, an honest protein brand with the best quality ingredients for women up and down the country to help power our everyday!"

 Tara Adlestone, Co-Founder


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