Protein Wonderballs

Reinventing protein snacks

The Protein Wonderballs are available in Cacao and Almond Butter

  • Over 10g of Protein

  • No Added Sugar

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Keep Calm, It’s Gluten Free

Why are we reinventing protein snacks? Well most snacks out there are either high in sugar, full of artificial ingredients and preservatives, or contain little to no protein.

And that’s just not good enough, and it’s time things changed. So we’ve created the Protein Wonderballs. A natural and nutritious protein snack without the excess calories, high sugar content and artificial ingredients so often found in these kinds of products.

Bursting with protein to power your everyday!


Why use the Protein Wonderballs?


Having a snack that is high in protein not only keeps you fuller for longer, it also helps stabilize your blood sugars so you’re not reaching for that chocolate bar 5 minutes later.

Protein is also so important to replenish and develop your body if you lead an active lifestyle, and it has benefits for strength, fitness and health!

As a healthy snack, to fight the 4pm slump, or even post-exercise for a much needed protein boost.

Tear up the packet and enjoy. Contains 7 balls per pack – not made for sharing!

Expert Nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert

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