Protein Multitasker

Reinventing protein powder

The Protein Multitasker comes in Whey and Vegan and is available in a range of flavours

The Multitasker - Chocolate Flavour The Multitasker - Mixed Berry Flavour The Multitasker - Coffee Flavour The Multitasker - Vanilla Flavour
  • Under 90 Calories

  • No added sugar

  • Nothing artificial

  • Added essential nutrients

Why are we reinventing protein powder? Well most protein powders in the market have been designed with men in mind (to bulk), filled with all sorts of unpronounceable ingredients.

And we think that’s not good enough, and it’s time things changed. So we launched The Multitasker. Gone are the excess calories, sugars and strange chemicals so often found in these kinds of products. Instead you’ll find top quality natural protein and an amazing nutrient blend, with nothing artificial. Simple.

There’s a reason women up and down the country love our product, even those who typically don’t “do” protein powder. So give it a try, and add The Multitasker to your health and fitness journey.


Why use the Protein Multitasker?


Protein is so important to replenish and develop your body if you lead an active lifestyle, and it has benefits for strength, fitness and health.

The Multitasker will not cause bulking - it will have benefits for strength, fitness and health though.

The Multitasker is not a meal replacer - it should be enjoyed as part of a healthy and balanced diet, not instead of one.

Ideal for post-sweat. Also in the morning or as a snack to increase protein intake.

Add a serving to 300ml of almond milk, water or a smoothie. Shake & enjoy. Can also be used in baking.

Expert Nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert

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